Founded in February of 2020, Aphrodite is an aesthetic mental health support bot oriented to taking care of you and your needs. Aphrodite is always in production, with hardly any downtime & quick response times.

Terms of Service

By using Aphrodite, you agree to our ToS listed below . . .

1) Using Aphrodite and their features in malicious/ill-intended ways is not allowed.
2) Spamming or harming Aphrodite and how it runs is not allowed.
3) If reaching others through Aphrodite's services, treat them kindly.
4) Using the bot to break Discord ToS is not allowed. The bot has many safegates to ensure this doesn't happen, however abusing any bugs or glitches will result in an immediate blacklist from the bot.

ToS is subject to change at any point-- and we reserve the right to block anyone we believe is harmful to Aphrodite from using the bot.

Aphrodite's privacy policy

By using Aphrodite and its services, you agree to the following . . .

What We StoreWhy
Snowflakes & User Input Consented to StoringFor things such as storing disabled letters
Server DataPurges on guild leave & bot restarts; for full bot functionality
Services We UseWhy
KofiOur donation site, all donations and perks are processed there.

We share this information to be as transparent as possible. These were also submitted to Discord during our verification process, so it is tested and approved as safe. Using Aphrodite automatically agrees you to this privacy policy.

For deletion of data, please email [email protected] for it to be properly cleared.